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Install Firefox-3.5.1 Official Release in Ubuntu
Downloading and installing latest official release on Firefox.
Bing is Broken
Putting together a search engine strategy for my site, I realized that Bing was not providing relevant results. In fact, the top of the list for the keywords I searched for, were nothing but SEO spammers.
This article discusses the web form model and the MVC model
Grails Webflow Scope and View Issues
Having trouble seeing your flash messages in grails while in a webflow? Here's why: Grails merges all flash, flow, and conversation scoped variables into the view model before rendering the view. You can't refer to them by their scope.
Creating a jQuery Plugin: A Beginner’s Guide
By taking your knowledge of CSS, and what knowledge you already have of jQuery, I’m going to walk you through the processes of creating a jQuery plugin. This is not an introduction to jQuery or a tutorial on the basic syntax rules of jQuery, bu
How To Build an Animated Header in jQuery
Why not give a little flair to your header. This tutorial will show you how to animate your header’s background image using jQuery to give your website that little extra something.
Free Icons for web designers
Today while searching in my old shared RSS feeds for icons to use in my new website, i found that i am a fan with collecting icons, i found some good collections i bookmarked before, and decided to share all of them with others
Another InlineEdit.js 3
ajax edit in place editor, simple, fast and easy
Arora - Speedy Cross-platform Web Browser. Benchmark Chrome, Firefox, Epiphany
Are you tired of slow and sluggishness of Firefox when you need it the most? Try Arora, and you won’t regret. It is a Cross Platform - Windows/Mac/Linux/Embedded Linux/FreeBSD - Lightweight web browser uses the same rendering engine as Googl
Python Google Wave Server - Pygowave
Some people have gotten tired of waiting for Google to release their Wave reference server implementation, so one man took it upon himself to create a Google Wave server. Pygowave is now the main scene for Google Wave developers as it moves forw